Taiwan Africa International Service Association (TAISA)

Taiwan International Service Association (TAISA) is a non-profit organization founded by dedicated volunteers from National Tsing Hua University and Fu Jen Catholic University, officially registered in Taiwan. Since 2008, the association has been actively involved in implementing service projects in Africa, placing a significant emphasis on the human aspect. These projects address tangible needs identified by schools, medical institutions, and communities in Africa, with a thorough analysis and evaluation of service proposals.

At the core of TAISA's values is the appreciation for the active involvement of local partners, both individuals and organizations. Fueled by mutual trust, volunteers collaborate seamlessly with local partners, engaging in a process that entails the creation, transfer, and localization of skills and knowledge. This ensures that the impact of volunteer services is deeply embedded within the community. Through people-centric service initiatives, TAISA has successfully forged mutually beneficial cooperation and lasting friendships between Taiwan and Africa. This cultural exchange enables Taiwanese volunteers and African partners to develop a profound understanding of each other's cultures, values, and beliefs, contributing to a broader awareness of the diverse African continent within Taiwanese society.

Volunteering in Africa poses its unique set of challenges, and to guarantee the sustainable development of service projects and foster impactful volunteer participation, TAISA actively engages in fundraising activities. The association undertakes the following tasks:

  • Establishing a Trustworthy Cooperation Network: TAISA has strategically established over 200 contact points in Africa, including educational institutions, government departments, religious organizations, medical units, and local organizations, to ensure the safety needs of volunteers are met.
  • Nurturing Talent from Taiwan and Africa: Recognizing that effective service projects demand diverse professional and skill sets, TAISA is committed to cultivating practical talents while emphasizing teamwork and project management capabilities. This approach provides individuals with valuable real-world experience.
  • Upholding Innovation: Acknowledging the impact of technological innovation and globalization on people's lifestyles, and the ongoing infrastructure development in African countries, TAISA remains proactive. Through interviews and assessments, the association understands the evolving local needs and insists on continuous innovation, introducing different specialties to ensure the sustainable development of projects.

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TAISA focuses on Education and Health

In the realm of education and technology, the absence of internet-ready devices and the financial constraints on many students' households have prompted us to establish computer classrooms with internet access in both junior and senior high schools. This initiative is geared towards enhancing the information learning environment for students and providing training for teachers in utilizing digital tools for effective teaching. Additionally, we've introduced a coding curriculum from Taiwan, setting up information learning clubs in various schools to encourage students to engage in self-directed learning of programming and information skills, thereby boosting their employability. For a more in-depth look at information education and the technology sector, please refer to the article.

Shifting our focus to the healthcare sector, our primary objective has evolved from "maternal and child health" to a broader scope of "enhancing the overall health and preventing diseases among local residents." Through literature searches and home visits to conduct needs assessments, we are actively working on transforming the health and medical landscape for tribal residents. This involves implementing projects such as health education, collaborative construction planning, health checkups, mobile healthcare, and physician training. This pragmatic approach is designed to bring about tangible improvements in the health and healthcare environment for the tribal residents.

TAISA is actively involved in establishing long-term service projects in East Africa, specifically in Kenya and Tanzania. Additionally, we conduct short-term or remote training programs in Eswatini and Somaliland.

In Kenya, the project primarily focuses on digital education, spanning across regions such as Nyeri County and Nakuru County in the central part of the country, as well as Siaya County, Kisumu County, and Busia County in the western region.

In Tanzania, our initiatives include digital education programs in Arusha, Pwani, Kilimanjaro, Tanga,and Zanzibar. Our healthcare and public health efforts focuses in the Engaruku villiage in Arusha.

If you have furthur inquires, please email us via service@taiwanafricaservice.org